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A New Philosophy on Life

I was listening to a testimony earlier and something the woman said really struck me. It’s nothing I hadn’t heard before, but somehow I just processed it at a different level this time…
As I try to find my way through life, I know I’m not alone in wondering where it’s all leading. I know God has a plan for me, and I know it’s all for His Glory, but I also feel frustrated sometimes because one part or another keeps changing direction and I don’t know what God wants from me next or if I’m even where I’m supposed to be right now. I feel like, even if I can’t see it now, when I look back on life there should be logical trail that it follows from point A to point B. maybe that’s true on some level, but I think on another level it’s completely missing the point.
In giving her witness, this beautiful woman was talking about her broken past and the struggles that she was dealing with. She shared the painful relationships that plagued her and the snares that she fell into while living in this confused society. More than that though, she proclaimed the way the grace of God came into her life; not immediately or in some fantastic way, but rather in an ever increasing and impressive way. What’s more, she shared a vision. One that she had multiple times which increased in beauty and splendor as she allowed the God’s will to permeate her life.
The vision was one of her as a beautiful bride and Jesus as the groom, not in the church on the wedding day, but rather on the dance floor. As she grew in virtue and purity, her gown became whiter and more ornate, and as she tuned more into the grace and will of God the dance became more involved and more impressive. It was an amazing image of the love God has for us and the effect that our faith has in our lives, but I also see it as a metaphor for the reason for our lives too.
Our life here on earth is a dance with God. A short one, no doubt, that God offers us a foretaste of eternity; a way of getting to know him. This is completely changing the way I look at the direction of my life and the reason for it’s changes. What kind of dance goes in a straight line? It’s time to stop thinking about logic and start thinking about RHYTHM! (Something that I generally lack, unfortunately) Dancing isn’t about where you are on the floor when the music stops, It’s about getting closer to the person you are with and moving as one to accomplish something beautiful.
This world is a dance floor. The places, the jobs, the economic conditions, the experiences and shortcomings. I don’t care where I am when the music stops, I just pray that I will have learned to follow God’s lead and the memories I leave others will encourage them to join in the Dance.


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