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November 24, 2011 Leave a comment

“And let the peace of Christ control your hearts, the peace unto which you were also called in one body. And be thankful.” ~ Col 4:15

God has been good to me. Really good. Certainly better than I deserve (although that’s not saying much since at my best moments I’m still just giving back what He gave me). But alas, the benefit of a God who IS love leaves no surprise in that His blessings exceed my just deserts.

Indeed I have many things to be grateful for: my health, safety, food on the table (and He knows how much I like food), kind strangers, amazing friends, loving family, vibrant church community, meaningful job,  and most importantly the love of His son who was willing to die for me and share with me a life in his Spirit. My heart can’t express and words can’t do justice to the praise that I owe God for each of these things (especially the last two), but right now I want to take a moment to thank God especially for those blessings in my life that I more regularly see as affliction.

Thank you, God, for the slow and sometimes grueling days at work. I may not see it as I struggle to pay attention and sit in front of a computer screen, but your mercy is there reminding me that virtue must make itself manifest in the simple and mundane if it will ever rise to the glory that you call me to.

Thank you, God, for that friend who I think is too needy. I may not appreciate it as listen to their struggles (again and again), but you are teaching me patience which I will need in any of my endeavors and reminding me how needy I am of you.

Thank you, God, for those who don’t understand me. They may not realize it when they second guess my best intentions or mistake a caring gesture for a unwanted pick-up line, but they are reminding me that this is not my home and that I am called to something more.

Thank you, God, for the rejection that I have faced. I may have only grasped the job that I couldn’t keep or the beautiful woman who just wasn’t interested, but You taught me through each disappointment to turn back to You and reminded me that failure is not nearly so painful as wasted opportunity.

Thank you, God, for my temptations and my struggles. I might not rise above them every time, but in each situation you give me the freedom to choose, the strength to overcome, the grace to find forgiveness and a loving embrace reminding me that you trust me.

Thank you, God, when I am overwhelmed. I might have a hard time seeing what’s right in front of me, but you nudge me and point out that all things work together for good if I only trust in You (Rom 8:28)

Which blessings in disguise are you grateful for today?