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Daughters of the King

March 6, 2012 Leave a comment

I recently had the privilege of serving at an event organized and intended solely for the purpose of affirming the women in our lives and reminding them of their beauty and dignity. About 35 gentlemen hosted about 100 women for an evening of prayer, food and dancing. All we asked of the women was the grace of their presence. Below is a short poem that was intended in that light to remind each woman how deeply they are valued.

My dear sister in Christ, where to begin?

To ignore thanking God we would certainly sin.

For it was only in Him that such beauty could find

Its way to your heart and its light in your mind.

And He didn’t stop there for it is too plain to see

that no masterpiece known could be fairer than thee.

No sunset, or sea breeze or cool starlit night

compares in the slightest with you in His sight.

To us you’re an image of all things good and true;

You remind us of heaven and what love calls us to.

To compare you with angels I would not even be keen

For indeed even they bow their knees to a Queen.

So we thank the dear Lord for so great a grace

Of the call to our home-land with each smile on your face.

We cannot stop there though, for we must also state

That we owe you our thanks for your will in this fate.

It was Him who created and made you so fine

But only through freedom does His full glory shine.

It is clear that the Evil One does all that he can

To keep you from giving your “yes” to God’s plan.

But in your great strength that magnifies beauty

You accept the Invitation as your joyful duty.

Finally now, we must beg you forgive

All of our failures in the way that we live

To honor and serve you as is our true call

We were made to protect you, but sometimes we fall

We may often fail in our parts day-to-day

But we want you to know what our actions must say.

Right here tonight we want you to know

That we love you and honor you wherever you go.

Remember this evening with a prayer and smile

And know that you’re worth so much more than your style.

Your life and your love are amazing to behold

Never be afraid to share and be bold

Brighten the world with the song that you sing

And never forget: You’re a Daughter of the King!


Your brothers in Christ

The Servants of the King

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Prop’s to Mario Vazquez

June 19, 2011 Leave a comment

I know I’ve been sticking to my own personal reflections in my posts, but this guy deserves props for bringing a theological truth to the public in a way that no church sermon could. Read more…


June 18, 2011 1 comment

To every woman I have ever know, and all the women that I haven’t:

There is a huge poverty of self respect these days, especially in women. Admittedly, that’s largely due to the fact that we men have been doing a horrible job of affirming the women in our lives. It also doesn’t really help that our society today defines beauty by a set of dimensions and symmetrical facial features. It seems to me that very few women these days realize that they’re beautiful. Of those that do, it seems that even fewer recognize their beauty as something deeper than their physical qualities

So for what ever little worth my input may be in your life, I just want you to know that you are BEAUTIFUL. Read more…