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The Homeless Man in Each of Us

July 15, 2011 2 comments

I was saying a walking rosary with some friends one night  and this homeless man approached us shaking. “Do you have a blanket. I’m so cold I just need a blanket.” None of us happened to be carrying a blanket with us, but I did have a hoody. So I gave that to him which he put on with some difficulty. He went on to tell us that he was “from Jesus” and that “Jesus is coming soon”. We offered an Amen to those assertions. He also admitted that he was a drunk. He was shaking from withdrawal. He said he was sick of Satan’s lies and that he wanted to get better. Read more…


Tips for Being a Better Boyfriend

June 25, 2011 Leave a comment

I should preface these recommendations with a disclaimer: I’m not particularly experienced or qualified in the area. I’ve had three (3) girlfriends in my life and I’m single at the moment so I obviously haven’t figured it all out yet. A much more reliable guide would come from a man who is happily married (and / or his wife). That being said, I feel like I have learned a few things, often enough from my personal failures (and those of other guys that I’ve been around) and I would be remiss if I left you to make the same mistakes. Not to mention, writing these down is a good reminder for when I can make use of them. Most of these suggestions are equally valid for married men as for those in the courting phase. Please feel free to share your own insights, suggestions or criticisms.

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